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STROPS guideline

The STROPS guideline is published in PLOS Medicine (open access, available here). The explanation and elaboration document is included in the supplementary materials to the main article.


For authors citing STROPS, please use the following reference (rather than linking to this website): 

Chaplin M, Kirkham JJ, Dwan K, Sloan DJ, Davies G, Jorgensen AL. Strengthening the reporting of pharmacogenetic studies: development of the STROPS guideline. PLOS Medicine. 2020 Sep 21;17(9):e1003344.


The protocol for the development of the STROPS guideline is published in BMJ Open (open access, available here). 

Richardson M, Kirkham JJ, Dwan KM, Sloan DJ, Davies G, Jorgensen A. Protocol for the development of the STrengthening the Reporting Of Pharmacogenetic Studies (STROPS) guideline: checklist of items for reporting pharmacogenetic studies. BMJ Open. 2019 Jul 1;9(7):e030212.


No full translations of the STROPS guideline are currently available.


Lu et al. have provided a brief introduction to the STROPS guideline and an interpretation of the key points in Simplified Chinese (available here).

Lu XR, Lai XF, Sun F, Zhan SY, Wang S. Strengthening the Reporting of Pharmacogenetic Studies (STROPS) guideline. Chinese Journal of Epidemiology. 2022 May 1;43(5):747-54.

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